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Top 6 Forms Needed for the Construction Workplace

By GoCanvas Team on September 19, 2022

The construction industry involves a lot more than just building and repairing. It also requires a massive amount of paperwork like checklists, project workflow forms, dispatch forms, work order forms, and more.  

Unfortunately, in many cases, construction management companies still use paper forms which can lead to lost information, late reporting, and an inability to react to valuable information in real-time. 

At GoCanvas, our digital forms and apps are fully customizable, integrate with popular software, and help your business streamline essential functions and data collection efforts. Continue reading to learn about the top six forms needed for the construction workplace. 

1. Daily Field Report

If you’re in construction, then you know the importance of the daily field report. It is a detailed log that includes a variety of data, including contractor/employee details, project information, work orders, error reports, safety reports, and more. 

Our fully customizable daily field report digital forms allow project engineers, managers, and subcontractors to efficiently track job site data that can be immediately uploaded to the cloud via iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows device. 

Popular features of the GoCanvas Daily Field Report mobile app include, but are not limited to: 

  • Fully customizable 
  • Signature and image capture
  • Calculations 
  • Reference data 
  • Dispatch data 
  • Submission editing and tracking 

Try GoCanvas Construction Daily Field Reports today for free. 

2. Work Order Forms 

Contractors and subcontractors are not administrative workers by trade, but in many cases, they spend hours filling out work order forms. If you’re not thrilled about the thought of your contractor spending billable hours on administrative tasks, then implementing a digital work order form may be in your best interest. 

At GoCanvas, our digital work order forms help to capture customer data, work order details, signatures, and more into one app, thus eliminating workflow bottlenecks typically attributed to work order forms. 

Try our GoCanvas Work Order Template Forms today for free. 

3. Inspection Forms

Safety inspectors, safety managers, site inspectors, and general contractors alike rely on inspection forms to meet OSHA, health, and other safety requirements. With that in mind, customizable inspection forms can help streamline the process and provide your company with real-time data and insights. 

At GoCanvas, we offer a variety of digital inspection form templates, including: 

4. Estimate Forms

Filling out and calculating costs manually on an estimate form requires a lot of time and money, both of which you can’t afford to lose. Now, imagine if your company didn’t have to spend hours completing and uploading estimate forms. 

At GoCanvas, our digital estimate forms allow your employees to use a smartphone or tablet to: 

  • Automatically calculate job costs (i.e., materials, labor, parts, etc.)
  • Capture customer data, including signatures 
  • Show the financial breakdown of a job 
  • Easily upload the estimate to the cloud in real-time
  • Provide customers with a professional and accurate estimate 

Try GoCanvas Estimate Forms today for free. 

5. Timecards 

It is necessary to keep track of the hours a contractor, sub-contractor, trade specialist, etc. works, but it can be a headache. Generally, manual time cards are inefficient and result in many errors. 

At GoCanvas, our Construction Time Card Mobile App allows you to track employee hours in real-time via an in-app time clock, track multiple employees simultaneously, and quickly download completed time cards. Further, you can easily upload the completed timesheets to popular accounting apps like Quickbooks and others. 

Try GoCanvas Construction Time Card Mobile App today for free. 

6.  Job Safety Analysis Forms 

In construction, safety is essential. Job safety analysis forms help improve occupational safety on the job site. If you manually collect job safety data, it can take a while to turn it into actionable insights. Digital job safety analysis forms facilitate fast, accurate, and up-to-date risk assessments. 

Our job safety analysis mobile app covers many areas of the construction industry like: 

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) use, effectiveness, and availability 
  • Potential hazards on a construction site 
  • Safety and equipment training materials 

Try GoCanvas Construction Job Safety Analysis Apps today for free. 

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