Top 5 Ways to Share Data Using GoCanvas

By keith bateman on March 30, 2016

GoCanvas is not only the leading platform for capturing and analyzing data, but it is also extremely effective in sharing information in real-time.

Most GoCanvas subscribers not only have a need to view their data in real-time but to also have OTHER people in the company view it as well. Our platform gives you a number options that you may(or may not) know about to better distribute the information that your field personnel are collecting.

We have compiled our top 5 ways to share data using GoCanvas!

  1. Email – The most “old school” way of sharing data is still the fastest way of getting people notified of what is going on! With GoCanvas, you can have your field users manually add email contacts, set up auto email lists, or even create dynamic email recipients based on other fields within your app like customer name or project location.
  2. CSV Export – Many companies today(including us) still use Excel to perform various business processes on a daily basis. To help integrate the GoCanvas platform into these existing processes, use the CSV export option to get your data out of GoCanvas and into your normal Excel formatting. You can use the Advance Search function in GoCanvas to drill into your data by a specific criteria and then export the results into a CSV format. If you’d prefer something more automatic, you can setup scheduled exports to simply send you the new CSV data on a regular cycle.
  3. API Integration – You can use our Application Program Interface(API) documentation to create a digital “handshake” between our system and almost any other open-ended software that allows for web services. This is the ideal way to get real-time data pushed into your accounting, ERP, and other software systems from GoCanvas. This takes out the manual nature of having to take the CSV data and upload it daily into those different systems. We have a Professional Services team who is always happy to speak with you about integration services using the API!
  4. Google Drive, Box, & Dropbox – We have created a number of “quick-connectors” that allow subscribers to instantly share and organize data without having to set up a backend API integration. With the connection to these services, the data can be automatically organized into folders based on fields in your app, i.e., project name, client, date, etc.
  5. Zapier – With the newest connection between GoCanvas & Zapier, sharing data between multiple web apps & systems is now even easier! With Zapier, you can now tell GoCanvas where and what data you want it to send. These types of data integrations are called “Zaps”. Example Zaps include SQL Server Database, Google Sheets, Quickbooks Online, Google Calendar, Salesforce and more! Zapier reduces the time it takes to develop a full-scale web services integration with an API, and instead allows you to share information in real-time with over 500+ of the most popular web apps on the market.