Top 5 Ways GoCanvas Fans Can Show Their Love

By Devon Drennan on February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day is a day for expressing your love and affection for others. We at GoCanvas rely on the love of our subscribers and fans to help grow our business and community. Here are a few ways, that take less than five minutes, in which you can show your love for GoCanvas this Valentine’s Day. As in any blossoming relationship there are a few common steps most everyone follows to true love…

First, comes “The Hook Up”. Now, we are all familiar with this dance in one way or another, from the first hint of attraction to the full on pursuit of our desire. Make sure to leverage all of your contacts to facilitate an introduction and make a good first impression. From there it is all up to you or in this case, all of us at GoCanvas. So get started, you can “Hook Up” with GoCanvas by posting links to or your favorite apps in your LinkedIn profile to get the word out.

Second, “Shout Your Love From the Rooftops”. There is no greater feeling than that of truly falling in love with someone or something (hint, GoCanvas!) and wanting to share it with the whole wide world. So let everyone know and jump on the proverbial couch Tom Cruise style… take a moment of good feeling and post positive reviews about the GoCanvas App in iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry World, etc.

Third up, is to “Get Engaged”! When you want to prove your undying devotion and commitment to your loved one (thing or service) you take the proverbial next step to become truly committed by word and action alike. You can show us at GoCanvas by “Like”ing us on FB, commenting on posts, or sharing links to stories. This helps with SEO and helps us engage with our subscribers to an even greater degree.

Fourth, “Get Hitched”. Ok, so this is the really BIG step when you willfully enter into a long-term, committed relationship by adopting a person, way of life, or even, might we sheepishly suggest, mobile apps for your business. So go ahead and integrate GoCanvas into your daily workflow. Use it for invoicing, expense reports, work orders, inspections, dry cleaning, etc. Whatever and wherever it might help you be successful in your daily business, you can count on our Application Store to have an app for you and, if not, we will help you customize or build one from scratch.

FIfth, “Reproduce”. There is no greater legacy than to provide a meaningful contribution to your customers, the community, and society itself. In our case, you can use MyCanvas to entice your customers to use GoCanvas as well. So go ahead and spread the GoCanvas seed far and wide. You will benefit as will they from our mobile apps, cloud, and never ending support.

Lastly, we would like to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day full of love and appreciation to each and everyone of our customers, partners,
employees, family and friends alike.