Top 5 Motivations Behind Why Construction Companies Are Switching from Paper to GoCanvas

By keith bateman on September 16, 2016

Why Construction Chooses GoCanvas Over Paper

From industry to industry, clients differ in what motivates them and what metrics are important to them as a business. At GoCanvas, we have identified a couple of key performance metrics that are universally held in high regard. 

  1. Speed of Data Collection & Delivery 
  2. Accuracy of Data
  3. Visibility of Data

These three core metrics are central to having efficiency within any business, and something that GoCanvas strives to improve for every client.

When we decided to survey our current clients in the construction industry, our goal was to find the principal motivations that drove them to switch from their old, out-dated processes to GoCanvas. 

As you may know, within the construction industry, you have a lot of moving pieces. You have contractors, sub-contractors, site supervisors, foreman, project managers, and more. And those are just employees! Then you have the various project sites, budgets, safety codes, etc.

It's incredible that construction companies are able to manage anything with paper-based systems, and our results show why hundreds of companies are making the switch to Canvas. 

The Results

Why Construction Companies Choose Canvas

After receiving the results of our survey, sent to companies big and small, it was clear what mattered the most to all of our construction clients — Speed, Productivity, & Saving Money.

As you can see above, receiving over 70% of the votes were the motivations to Increase Data Collection Speed and Increasing Efficiency. Trailing that, with just over 40% of the votes, were Reducing Operational Costs, Increasing the Visibility of Data, and Reducing Jobsite Errors.

Each motivation makes complete sense!  When you think of the Construction industry, most of us don't typically think of something that is necessarily cutting edge or moving at “light speed”. You might typically think of a construction site as something with many, normal to slow moving pieces, that requires a ton of people working together to reach their ultimate goal which is the completion of the end project. 

As the Construction industry has advanced over the years, and projects have grown bigger, certain aspects of this industry have remained stuck in the past. The one part that has not advanced with the times is the way these construction companies collect and share data. Paper is not fast, cutting edge, or an efficient way to really do anything quickly.

The Motivations

To sum up the real motivations as to why construction companies are choosing GoCanvas over paper? Efficiency.

Efficiency encircles every one of the top five selections of the survey. Everything from wanting to collect data faster and more accurately, wanting to reduce costs by eliminating the manual re-entry of data into their backend systems or even simply wanting to be able to review reports on a daily basis. The underlying theme of it all is wanting to increase the productivity of their entire business, and that is what GoCanvas can give to you in one single mobile platform. 

So the real question is, are you ready to make the switch too?

Why Construction Companies Choose Canvas









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