The Top 5 Motivations Behind Why Companies in Health Care are Moving Away from Paper Forms

By keith bateman on September 27, 2016

Health Care Technology

The Issue

It may not seem like a shift, but it’s happening.

Slowly but surely, the Health Care industry is becoming more and more paperless with the adoption of mobile solutions like GoCanvas.

Why the transition? Paper forms are costing the industry millions of hours in lost productivity each year, which has resulted in lost revenue and lost opportunities.

Read this example by Guy Bolten of the Milwaukuee Journal Sentinel who explains how simple ineffiencies with paper can cost a Health Care provider big time:

Take a doctor who sees 21 patients in a day, an average of three an hour over seven hours. If he or she has to spend an additional three minutes with each patient on documentation, about an hour is lost each day.”

This equals out to about 261 hours of lost time per year at minimum, and this is due just to paper documentation! This is why professionals working in the Health Care industry including doctors, nurses, medical equipment technicians, sales representatives, insurance carriers, and more have begun making the switch to mobile forms.

The Motivation

When we surveyed a segment of our current customer base, our goal was to find the main reasons why our clients in Health Care decided to break away from the medical paperwork and make the switch to GoCanvas. What we found should not be very surprising to those who actually use paper on a daily basis.

The ability to increase efficiency and increase the speed of data collection across their entire organization was selected by 70% of companies as the top motivation for switching to GoCanvas Mobile Forms. This result reflects directly from our anecdote about the inefficient doctor, who was losing hundreds of hours per year due to slow, manual data entry that results from using paper forms.

Learn how Orbit Medical saved $250,000 by going paperless – Read the Case Study

Motivations ranked #3-5 revolved around reducing costs and mistakes, which are highly connected, and increasing the high scale visibility/shareability of data captured throughout the organization.  This speaks directly to the fact that businesses who use paper often have increased errors in reporting due to misspelled, misplaced, or lost forms. This adds to their expenses when they have to track down this information again and re-record it.

Chart of GoCanvas Facts in Health Care

Mobile forms with GoCanvas have built in validation measures that can reduce the amount of manual typing to cut down on spelling errors, as well as require that all or specific fields be filled out before the data is digitally transferred. Thus reducing these headaches and costs almost entirely.

The Solution

There isn’t going to be an overnight transformation within the Health Care industry. But organizations, whether they be public institutions or private enterprises, are no longer able to ignore the money and time being lost due to slow, out-date paper-based systems.

At GoCanvas, we make the transition from paper to mobile even easier with features that include:

  • Customizable, no-code mobile forms – No developers needed
  • HIPAA compliance for data security
  • Centralized, searchable data storage on the cloud
  • Instant PDF reports available
  • API Integrations to EHR/EMR Systems

All this and more is available when you think outside of your paper form. But don’t just take our word for it.

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