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Top 5 HVAC Apps You NEED to Run Your Business

By Chip Phillips on July 2, 2020

Managing a team of HVAC technicians is full of time consuming challenges. You have to maintain distribution of work assignments, monitor your operations, check up on staff, and ensure that customers are satisfied. Across all of these duties, you also have to make sure you get paid on time every time.

Fortunately, there are software solutions that will streamline your processes and serve as answers to each of these challenges. With these mobile apps, you can take care of your customers, empower your team, and run your business with ease.

HVAC Work Order Mobile App

On every job, it is important for your techs to capture consistent information and save time while doing so. With this Work Order App, you can dispatch job details directly to your techs’ mobile devices, so they are ready to go with customer information.

Item, repair, and service logs capture necessary information and immediately populate costs, while checklists ensure that specific details are reviewed. Total labor and parts costs are automatically calculated at the end of each form, which can also capture customer signature for final approval.

HVAC Maintenance Agreement Mobile App

Recording and filing maintenance agreement information brings several logistics challenges. Traditional paperwork can lead to lost or damaged forms, and the hassle of record keeping and storage costs your team time and money.

This HVAC Maintenance Agreement helps your technicians rapidly collect new customer information and automatically send it to your home office. Customizable checklists mean consistent maintenance visits for every customer, with fields to capture images of HVAC systems directly from any mobile device. Clear pricing and agreement information is displayed on a single screen, so customers can easily review, approve, and sign.

Quality HVAC Installation Checklist Mobile App

Customer satisfaction and consistent service visits are vital to any HVAC company. With this HVAC Installation Checklist, customers have a step-by-step walkthrough with your technicians for each phase of installation. 

This App also helps building managers, maintenance managers, and others evaluate the quality of an HVAC installation before, during and after a job, providing your home office with opportunities to check in on your staff with every visit.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist Central Air Conditioners Mobile App

The impact of seasonal demands means that maintaining HVAC systems can become a challenge. Technicians can become overwhelmed with emergency calls and visits, which can lead to regular appointments being rushed or falling by the wayside.

This HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist can be scheduled and dispatched from the home office, making sure that techs know which customers and sites need a regular visit. Checklists mean consistent review of systems at every visit, with fields to capture photos of air conditioning units as well as customer signatures.

HVAC Bid Proposal App

Bidding on larger construction or renovation projects can be a complicated process. It is important to make your company stand out and include all necessary details for the project.

This HVAC Proposal helps your company capture all of the detailed specifications for a construction project bid including the scope of work, provided materials and HVAC units, labor costs, services, client details, and more. 

Once completed, the bid proposal form generates an electronic document that can be used for HVAC upgrades, new HVAC equipment installations, and HVAC preventative maintenance. You can also customize the App for different project needs.

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