The Top 5 Customer Questions from June!

By keith bateman on June 27, 2017


We Answer Your Top Questions!

Sometimes getting started with a new piece of technology can seem overwhelming at first, but that’s why it’s great to have an entire community available to help you! We took the best questions from June and compiled the answers below to help you navigate around any potential speed bumps.

Canvas Table of Contents - Mobile Device

Q: “Is it possible to create a navigation menu within my mobile form in order to quickly jump between screens or sections?”

Absolutely! With the Table of Contents feature of GoCanvas, you can easily turn your very linear data collection process into a dynamic one. TOC is a great use case for inspections, work orders, and audits where the order of items being reviewed may not always be in the same order every single time.

This feature allows you to jump from “Section 1” to “Section 8” and back again, with just the push of a button. The TOC menu also conveniently tracks the completion of each section, so if you accidentally skip a required part portion it will notify you via orange dot that you need to go back and fill it out.

Q: “If I schedule and assign a task using the GoCanvas Dispatch Calendar, is it possible for my field user to receive a reminder on his/her Google or Outlook Calendar?”

It sure is! One of the many great parts of the new Dispatch Calendar is that it easily interacts and consolidates the existing scheduling programs that you are already using today. The first step to enable these reminders is to begin creating scheduled tasks within the GoCanvas Dispatch calendar.  This is the easiest way to view which employees are scheduled to which jobs, and where you can re-assign/assign other employees.

The second step is to make sure you click the “Send Calendar Invite” checkbox while creating the dispatch, as well as making sure you have it assigned to one of your GoCanvas users. Once you click “Save” on the Dispatch, an automated calendar invites with the task details will be sent to the assigned user. The third and final step is for the assigned user to press “Accept” or “Add to Calendar”.  Once done, the task will be added to their personal and/or business calendar! Below is an example of how a dispatch should be set up to enable calendar reminders.


Q: “My office employees sometimes need to access and fill out GoCanvas forms, but don’t have tablets or smartphones. Can they fill them out on a PC?”

Yes! GoCanvas has long had a Desktop client, but it often lagged behind the much more powerful IOS and Android apps. This is no longer the case. With the release of the new GoCanvas Windows App, you get the same basic functionality and design of our IOS/Android platforms right on your Windows devices. This includes features like Dispatch, Workflow, Calculations, Conditional Logic, Signature Capture, and more! The new Windows App can be accessed on any laptop, desktop computer, or tablet that runs Windows 7 or higher.

Canvas Windows App

Q: “When we are with a client filling out an invoice with GoCanvas, we’d like to be able to capture payment immediately. Is this possible?”

Card Swiper

Yes! We know that many companies, especially those in the field service industry, have a need to securely collect payments from their clients while on site. This is why we’ve created a direct integration that allows our clients to build custom mobile forms that can both calculate total costs and collect real-time payments.

Through this integration, companies can collect and record credit card, cash, and check payments with the swipe or click of a few buttons. An instant invoice is then sent to the client, and the invoice number is attached to the GoCanvas PDF report for accurate recordkeeping. No more waiting days or weeks for account receivables!

Q: “Our company has created mobile forms that we think would be useful to other people in our industry, does GoCanvas have any type of Reseller or Partner Program?”

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This is the best kept “secret” of GoCanvas! We have an entire network of solutions, strategic and content partners who earn incremental revenues selling the GoCanvas SaaS-based platform as complementary to their own value-added offerings. Whether you are looking to share content and make money, or package your company’s offering with GoCanvas, there are limitless opportunities within the GoCanvas Partner Program!

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