Tip of the Week: Using Dispatch in Mobile Inspections

By scott shea on February 18, 2014

Dispatch is a great feature when you have field workers who must go to multiple locations. If you have been having to communicate information by email, text or radio, Dispatch can make your work far easier. It saves both your office and fieldworkers time, and allows your workers to do more jobs in one day.


Dispatch allows someone to fill out part of a mobile form through the GoCanvas website and send it to a user on their mobile device.  Then, the user is notified that they have a dispatch via push notification.  When they open the dispatch, all the information that was filled out on the website is now seen by the user.   The user no longer has to fill out pre-known information by the office.  They can simply begin to collect the data needed from the job site.  Once the dispatch has been completed, the submission is uploaded to the cloud and that particular dispatch is removed from the user’s mobile device.


Before using dispatch, you need to enable it on the app(s) you wish to use.  This can be done through the GoCanvas website.  Once signed in, go to the My Apps page.  Next to the app(s) you wish to send dispatches through, click the More button to the right of the app name.  Then select App Features. Finally click the Edit button next to Dispatch Options. 


Once dispatch is enabled, click on the tab at the top of the screen that says Dispatch.  Select Create New Dispatch and you will be able to select any app that the feature has been enabled for.  Once you select an app, the form will populate on the screen.  After the dispatch has been completed and sent, you can return to the Dispatch Manager to track the status of each sent dispatch.


Often times a company will want to send out all of the jobs to all of their users at once through dispatch.  At first, this may seem like a tedious task filling out one dispatch at a time.  However, GoCanvas already has a way to make that easier.  From the Dispatch Manager, you can download a sample dispatch csv file.  The bulk dispatch allows you to upload as many dispatches as necessary all at once.  This will save a tremendous amount of time for anyone who is responsible for sending out the pre-filled forms to users.

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