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Three Key Benefits of Near Miss Reporting

By Chip Phillips on November 13, 2020

Identify and Control Risks Before Incidents Happen

Near miss reporting is often described as a free lesson because it enables companies to proactively resolve hazards before a tragic or costly incident occurs. When a worker discovers a potentially dangerous situation, completing a near miss report means the risk can be resolved before it causes harm to their teammates.

Additionally, safety managers can use data from near miss reporting to improve training programs, develop safer work processes, and fix any faulty equipment that could lead to an accident. Proactive safety programs can be developed from compiling near miss data, giving employers the opportunity to resolve systemic risks and provide their crew with the latest safety measures on a daily basis.

Empower Workers and Promote Safe Habits

When your crew knows that their safety is a priority within your business, morale inevitably goes up. Providing your workers with the resources and training to identify and report near misses helps them know that their well-being is an important aspect of daily operations.

It is important to train your crew on what defines a near miss, why it is important to report such hazards and to lay out a clear reporting process. Many organizations streamline the reporting process with safety management software that includes established checklists and forms for near miss reports. Using a digital solution also gives workers the opportunity for anonymous reporting and saves time that would be spent filling out and delivering paperwork.

As you establish safety programs, remember that the goal of near miss reports is to keep your workers safe and get them looking out for possible risks. This could even include making the narrative around reporting to focus on learning lessons and good catches, rather than a blame game and punitive measures. So many workers may feel uncomfortable reporting near misses for a variety of reasons. You’ll want to change the outlook to recognize their efforts and celebrate the fact that you’re growing safer at your company every day.

Increased Compliance and Worker Safety

Reporting a near miss can ensure that future incidents and injuries are avoided. It keeps your workers safe and helps companies reduce the costs associated with workplace incidents, such as medical expenses, time lost due to injury, accident investigation, and equipment replacement.

Preventing accidents before they happen also means that your worksites can naturally keep up with the latest OSHA regulations. Potential hazards and risks will be removed as they are reported, which means a safer worksite that meets compliance requirements. 

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