Thinking About a Building a Custom Mobile App? 5 Reasons Why GoCanvas is the Better Option

By kalliopi vlastos on July 25, 2013

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I recently connected with a large pool cleaning and treatment company who was looking to have a mobile app built for their technicians to use while in the field. They were researching how to get started with a developer when they stumbled upon GoCanvas and were curious to know the advantages of our solution versus having one built by an outside development team.

While I had encountered large corporations considering the custom development route during my time here at GoCanvas, it was rare that a mid-sized company seriously considered the option. Recently, however, I’ve noticed more mi If you’re one of them, read on. You’ll soon understand that you can have a highly customized, proprietary mobile app to deploy to your field workers quickly and cost effectively.

Top 5 reasons to Buy GoCanvas Apps vs. Building your Own

1. Quicker Deployment 

One reason to build an app with GoCanvas rather than contract someone to build for you is that with GoCanvas, you can create, test and deploy a solution in days (or hours if you’re feeling ambitious). Many of our customers find something to test with the moment the sign up for our free trial. With over 9,000 apps to choose from in the GoCanvas Application Store, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel in many cases. You can start with a work order or inspection form template and customize it later.

A developer built app must be built from the ground up, which takes time and significant upfront costs.

 2. No Developer fees 

A quality mobile developer can cost anywhere from $90.00 – $250.00 an hour for project based work. Consider that the average mobile app takes approximately four months for a team of developers to build and you can say goodbye to your ROI. Just laying out the specifications for a mobile app with a developer can take weeks, if not months and you’ll be paying the developer for his/her consulting time.

At GoCanvas, a Mobile App Consultant like me will work with you to help customize and deploy your apps in the time frame that you need. The best part? We don’t charge for our consulting time. That’s the beauty of our Software As a Service payment model.

 3. No Maintenance Fees 

When the founders of GoCanvas first set out to create our pricing model they based it off of the ongoing monthly maintenance costs per user for a custom built solution — $24.50.

 At $20.00 per month per user, GoCanvas can be cheaper than maintenance costs. Pair those costs with developer fees and you have yourself a very expensive app, customized though it may be.

With GoCanvas apps, you can continue to modify and customize your application as your company and our features evolve. With a custom solution, you’ll always need to pump more money into it for improvements. At GoCanvas, we’ll think of improvements for you. All you need to do is download the updates on your device.

4. Supporting Multiple Platforms and Maintaining Device Compatibility  

 As more companies implement BYOD policies you’ll find that it’s important that your mobile app work on a wide array of smart phones and tablets. If you were to have a developer build an application for you on multiple platforms, the project would likely become cost prohibitive very quickly.

Even if you just decide to develop your app for the Android platform, you’ll likely encounter fragmentation issues due to the many types of Android phones. You’ll need more developer time to customize the solution for the various devices.

Canvas, however, supports multiple mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Blackberry (and soon Windows Phone 8). We’ll continue to maintain device compatibility and develop for new platforms so you can focus on your own business.

 5. Website Capabilities

 GoCanvas is unique in that the mobile app is not the only component of the service. With your subscription you have access to all of the data you collect with your GoCanvas apps, which is hosted on our cloud and is available in your online GoCanvas account. You can access it in a PDF or CSV/Excel file format so if you don’t have your own database, don’t worry!


I hope you found this information helpful if you’re considering mobile app development. We’re here to make it easy on you so if you’d like to get started sign up for our free trial at