Therapist Switches from Paper Forms to Custom Mobile Apps on iPad

By scott shea on November 13, 2012

Therapist Switches from Paper Forms to Custom Mobile Apps on iPad

Recently a therapist decided to make the move to custom mobile apps that can be easily filled out on his iPad.  The Licensed Professional Counselor saw the need to go paperless and have everything automatically stored on the GoCanvas cloud instead of trying to keep paper documents.  The records of the sessions conducted with clients are very important.  Moving to GoCanvas eliminated the risk of losing or damaging the information captured during the session.  Having already purchased a new iPad, GoCanvas became the clear solution.

This profession clearly involves information that is personal and private.  The first question that needed to be answered was how secure was GoCanvas going to be with patient information.  Fortunately, the answer is extremely secure.  GoCanvas has HIPAA level compliance.  When the data is being transferred from the device to the cloud, the information is encrypted in accordance with HIPAA requirements.  The therapy practice knew the patient information was safe and secure.

Next, it was time to recreate the paper form to be filled out on the mobile device.  With the easy to use GoCanvas app builder, this took no time at all.  Canvas users can build their very own apps without having and web development experience.  A user can simply drag any type of field they want.  In this instance, there was very basic patient information including name, date, and how long the session was.  Once the app was built, it was tested and worked to the satisfaction of the therapist.  Within just the 30 Day Free Trial, this office was able to move entirely paperless.

If you are interested in taking your company paperless, please sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial.  You can make your very own app, or you can download one of the thousands we have already available.  Click here to browse our application store.