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By Michael Benedict on January 11, 2013
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Diane Dennis, Owner of, knows a LOT about the “paperwork” involved in the construction industry.  She not only co-founded a suspended ceiling T-Bar construction business in 1995 (C and D Acoustics), she also has an extensive online store of forms and advice to help contractors manage their business. Her business philosophy?  “We've been there (oh how we've been there...) and we want to help you with the day-to-day drudgery side of being a construction contractor. Being out in the field can be exciting one day and not-so-fun the next. But, as I'm sure you know, the paperwork and office end of the business is always a nightmare, always confusing, always a pain in the behind, there just isn't any excitement about it.”  Contractors everywhere are nodding their head in agreement.

Diane wants to make paperwork easier for contractors.  She partnered with GoCanvas to turn her top selling forms into mobile apps, and recently added many more apps.  This means you can now complete critical paperwork right on your smartphone or tablet. Once you complete your form, a PDF is generated that can be emailed and is automatically stored in the cloud.  You keep all the same great features of the form version – the content, the signatures, etc. but can add the ability to capture images and GPS location, as well as add databases of customer lists, parts catalogues, etc.

Some of the apps in her Application Store include a Change Order, Estimate & Work Order and Proposal.  For those construction businesses located in areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, there’s the New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works.  For those located in California, a California Partial Release of Stop Notice is a process for funds that need to be stopped on public and/or private works projects.

Check out all the construction apps at Application Store

Do you have interesting forms and are looking to offer them as mobile apps? Send me a note and let’s talk.  We offer numerous incentive programs for companies that can be implemented very quickly.  Please contact Mike Benedict, VP, Application Store at

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