The W.I. Clark Company Using GoCanvas and Android for Rental Equipment Inspections

By Jason Good on May 7, 2012

The W.I. Clark Company

For 85 years The W.I. Clark Company has been providing equipment rental, sales, parts, and service and is one of the largest dealers in the state of Connecticut with over 70 employees and 3 stores.  They have represented Ingersoll Rand since 1925 and John Deere since 1975.  They also represent manufacturers of lasers, hydraulic breakers, skid steers, concrete pulverizers, pumps and other equipment used by the construction community.  Being the progressive company that they always have been, they are now using GoCanvas Mobile Apps and Android smartphones to fill in rental inspection forms instead of using paper forms!

Here at GoCanvas we have talked to lots of equipment rental companies over the years. Whether it is survey equipment or construction equipment, GoCanvas has a solution to eliminate your paper and streamline your business.  Rental agreements, equipment inspections, service tickets and other forms are easily converted to GoCanvas Mobile Apps.

The W.I. Clark Company - Heavy EquipmentThe W.I. Clark Company came to GoCanvas wanting to use their smartphones to conduct rental equipment inspections.  This equipment is very expensive and it is critical to keep an eye on it while customers are using it to ensure that it is being cared for and properly maintained.  They wanted to leverage the capabilities of their smartphones by including pictures in their inspections.  Lots of companies are using the cameras on their devices to take pictures of things related to their jobs, but they are then emailing those pictures along with their comments or they are then manually placing those images into a Word document back at the office to generate a report.  GoCanvas allows you to generate your report on the spot and send it off right away via email instead of doing your report later back in the office. Adding pictures to your forms is easy with GoCanvas and you can customize any of our equipment rental mobile forms for your own use, with no coding or programming needed.

W.I. Clark also wanted to include GPS information. They serve a large geographic region and by using GPS capture with GoCanvas it is easy for everyone to see where their equipment is located at the time of inspection. Canvas’s GPS feature will place a map on your form showing the location of the inspector.  Canvas’s “drag and drop” App Builder makes it easy to add GPS to your forms.  This is just one more thing GoCanvas has over paper-based forms!

The rest of their report is fairly straightforward.  They are capturing the customer name, the site contact, the stock number, make and model, current meter reading, service due meter, the expected return date, and any notes regarding the condition of the equipment. They also have a checkbox to indicate if there are any damages.  And all of their inspection forms are securely stored on Canvas’s servers and are easily searchable via the GoCanvas website.

The W.I. Clark Company might be 85 years old, but they are using the latest mobile technology to save time and money by streamlining their inspection process.  Along with their long history of providing superior customer service, this innovative spirit will keep this GoCanvas customer ahead of their competition for years to come!  GoCanvas is proud to have The W.I. Clark Company as a customer!

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