The “Voice” of GoCanvas Is a Chorus, not a Soloist

By christina croll on February 10, 2013

Having recently joined GoCanvas as the tech startup’s first dedicated marketing resource, one of my initial ‘to do’ items was to outline the voice of GoCanvas, which, in traditional marketing circles, we call ‘brand identity.’  A company’s voice sets the tone for how the company interacts with its subscribers and fans.  These interactions happen in a variety of modalities such as marketing communications, social media, public relations, customer support, sales, web site copy and others.  To capture on paper (or, in our case, on screen) the voice of a company, it is sometimes helpful to start by asking a series of questions.  “If my company were a person, what kind of person would it be?  What values would this person hold dear?  How would others describe this person?” The best brands out there have distinct voices.  If we grabbed 10 people off of the street and asked them to describe the voice of Nike, for example, it’s likely they would all describe the brand identity in a similar way:  Athletic, strong, competitive, motivated, healthy, goal oriented, someone who “just does it,” etc. Nike has established this branding by interacting with its audiences for many, many years in a consistent voice.

To develop the voice of GoCanvas, I heard input from company leaders, customer support, developers, sales consultants and even one of our part time contractors who builds mobile apps for us.  It was important that everyone in our company help shape the voice of GoCanvas since our identity is that of a collective rather than an individual.  Here is the voice of Canvas:

“Canvas is a community of hardworking friends. We passionately believe that collecting and sharing data can empower organizations to help make the world a better place.

We take pride in delighting our fans and we are intensely focused on providing personal support to those who are still learning. We are friendly yet professional and we work hard to make hi-tech accessible. We are serious about our work but don’t take ourselves too seriously.  

We believe that once you innovate with GoCanvas, you won’t go back to the old way
of doing things. Ever.”

On the surface, you could say we are in the business of helping organizations to go paperless by replacing paper forms with mobile apps.  But, really, we are in the business of helping companies to use technology to innovate how they do business.  We hope that in a few years when our brand is global, any 10 people you ask anywhere around the world would describe GoCanvas as:  Friendly, helpful, empowering, innovative and ‘the new way of doing things.’  That is the brand we are building.