The Trick Improving Water Damage Restoration Documentation

By brian blend on April 27, 2015

The Trick Improving Water Damage Restoration DocumentationWater damage is one of the most common sources of devastation for residential and commercial spaces. Whether damage is due to natural causes like rain or snow or man-made causes like leaking pipes or appliances, it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to furniture, electronics, and even the structural foundation. Water damage results in architectural degradation and mold growth, which can have serious health consequences. Proper recording becomes not only important for tracking water damage cleanup but also for employee safety on these sites.

A Race Against Time

Even though a damage restoration company needs to be methodical in documenting sites, not having a quick and robust restoration process can be equally as devastating. Professional restoration technicians agree that there is a need for a quick response and without immediate mold remediation, the cost of water damage restoration increases over time.

Yet, there are back-end processes that eat up your time. Documenting what property damage occurred, inspections for safety, and more slow down the process and can be a headache for the water damage restoration company attempting to tackle the problem sites.  In an era of high visibility via social media and the internet, providing effective cleaning and restoration service to customers is critical. But paper documents, text messaging, and excel spreadsheets turn managing data into a time-consuming hassle.

What if there was a way to simplify job site documentation for water damage cleanup and restoration?

Water damage restoration apps do just that. On a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, users can track evaluations and collect information in a simple, straightforward way. These apps can even be customized for each business’ unique way of capturing and sharing information. Once finished, these reports become immediately available as a PDF to share via email. What once took hours or days is now available in seconds. Whether you are measuring levels of moisture or recording mold growth at each site, it’s never been easier to collect or share this information.

Loss Assessment and Evaluation

Users can evaluate areas affected, and plan ahead to obtain restoration services and equipment required. With speech to text functions on many devices, employees can simply speak into the phone as they work. One click allows users to take photos and share them easily with both management and customers to understand where the issues truly lie. You can also capture electronic signatures to ensure all parties are in agreement about the job scope. In a nutshell, the app lets users:

  • Document the materials which were affected by the water and mold damage.
  • Determine the source of the damage, and possible extent of area affected.
  • Reevaluate the residence and monitor the water extraction and drying process.

Cloud Storage

The app is synched to a cloud-based account where documents can be reviewed for billing or archiving purposes. With just a few taps, users are able to generate complete, detailed reports of water-damaged areas. At GoCanvas, you can download information as a CSV file or use an API to automatically integrate your account with various software including QuickBooks, Salesforce, and more.

Whichever you choose, going mobile removes steps from backend processes such as reporting and billing. Instead of spending hours doing data entry, creating reports, and physically billing customers, going mobile allows you to do all of this in minutes. It streamlines the documentation process and allows you to add new information such as detailed notes, photos, even create tags on maps. All of this can be a great timesaver for office and field employees.

Competitive Edge

So whether it’s a form for water damage restoration or simply a checklist of occupational tasks, app-based mobile innovations offer the best way of removing the hurdles paperwork creates. In the end, they are a great business tool that allow restoration businesses to focus on saving homes and businesses, not back end processes.

Sure, transitioning to mobile can take some time, but it’s never been easier. Companies don’t require IT knowledge or significant investment. The benefits can be significant not only in time, but also thousands of dollars in savings.

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