The Super Bowl of Paper Usage: The Super Bowl

By Jason Good on January 27, 2013

You probably have your own memories of Super Bowls over the years.  Wide right.  William “The Refrigerator” Perry.  Montana to Taylor.  The Redskins dropping 35 points in the 2nd quarter on the Denver Broncos (Okay…that might be my personal favorite memory!). 

The Super Bowl (At least all of the recent ones) is a big day for paper.  The video below shows a totally fun use of paper that we’re all familiar with at this point.  I wonder if all of the paper that GoCanvas has saved offsets the amount blown into the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday as confetti?  Does anyone know how much paper is used to create all of this confetti?  My “Googling” efforts came up empty!  Your comments below are greatly appreciated if you have any details on this!!

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