The Shocking Liability Risk in Safety Inspections

By katie simpson on August 4, 2014

In industries like construction, oil & gas, and manufacturing, you take extra precautions to keep your employees safe. More than protective gear you do safety inspections, sometimes as often as every day.

If you’re using paper safety inspections, you could be opening up your business for major liability risks and wasting hundreds of hours of employee time.

The problem with paper forms is that you can lose up to 11%. Paper safety inspections are costing businesses both time and money.

With requirements to hold onto inspections for months or years, it can lead to significant costs in either archiving all the paper documents, or scanning them into electronic format. In both cases, though, it’s easy to lose an inspection. Perhaps it never made it back from the work site, or it was misfield. In either case, this leaves your business at risk. In a lawsuit you’re suddenly spending hours trying to find a form.

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Losing paper forms isn’t unusual for business: PWC found that 11% of documents are lost or misfiled. But that means 11% of your inspections could be either difficult or impossible to find!

Not only will a mobile app free up your storage space, but also ensure you receive all your inspections. Every finished safety inspection is stored securely in the cloud. There, you can access each and every form as a PDF, or download them for your own databases in various form types.

Going mobile will ensure your business has all the safety inspection records you need to stay in compliance.

With a paper safety inspection, it can be hard to verify that it occurred at the appropriate time and place.  Some companies have even tried to game the system: New York is taking up a case against a business that hired unqualified people to pose as licensed site safety managers. These bad eggs, however, can put additional pressure on businesses to prove that the sites they work on are safe and following the rules.

Going mobile can provide additional information to protect and validate your inspections. Automatic date and time stamps can prove when an inspection took place. With one click, you can have GPS capture your location, proving that the inspection occurred where it was supposed to. You can also easily take photos, providing additional visual information to back up your inspection. Still collect the signatures you need: just sign with a finger a stylus.

All of these features provide additional proof that paper forms could never provide. They create external validation, protecting your business even further. Not only do mobile apps keep your business safe: they’ll help you gather more information than ever before.

problem of paper inspections. paper inspections cost businesses time and money in the long run

Think about all the time you spend around paper forms: slowly filling them out, waiting for them to return to the office, time spent filing or entering this information into your database. It can take days or weeks for these forms to return to your office, and then even more time to enter that information into your system.

Worse, if regulations change, or you need to update your forms, it can take days to get your employees new forms. Even then, you may still get inspections in the outdated format. More than an annoyance, it could put your business at risk.

A mobile safety inspection will save you hundreds of hours. Because all the forms go straight to the cloud, you don’t have to wait hours or days for the information. With various formats, you can simply export the information into your own databases, you don’t need to spend hours scanning forms or doing redundant data entry.

Mobile apps can free up hundreds of hours of employee time. And that time can be focused on projects that grow your business. Plus? You’ll enjoy a much larger office with less space needed for storage.

You can protect your employees and your business. Going mobile will not only ensure you receive all your safety inspections, but that you will get more accurate and expansive information to protect your business even further. Even better? You’ll spend less time on inspections than ever before.  

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