The Selling Points of GoCanvas: What Makes Us Your Perfect Paperless Alternative

By keith bateman on April 29, 2014

Every day as I am sitting behind my desk valiantly creating apps and occupying the GoCanvas phone lines here in Virginia, I always find myself approached with the same question from customers:

  • “Why should I use GoCanvas to go paperless with my company?”
  • “Does GoCanvas even have the features that I am looking for to complete my daily job?”
  • “How much time and money can we actually save with GoCanvas?”

Obviously, these are all very valid questions and ones I actually enjoy answering because of how in-depth of a product that GoCanvas actually is. But sometimes that is also the problem.

GoCanvas is SO IN-DEPTH with the amount of features and customization that a client can use to customize a mobile application for their business that, sometimes, it seems overwhelming! That is where we, the Mobile App Consultants, come in to save the day!

Today, I’m sharing some of my “inside knowledge” and letting you in on the top 5 selling points of going paperless with GoCanvas!

1) GoCanvas Keeps Your Data Secure

I am always asked about data security, so let us put this issue to rest. GoCanvas puts client information storage security as a top priority because, without it, we would crumble as a business.

We have clients including local and national government agencies, doctors’ offices, and even large event registries who trust us with going paperless and securing their data after they upload it. GoCanvas also gives the administrator of each account the ability to control the level of privilege that other users within the same account. This allows the administrator of the account to control who has the ability to edit and create apps, who can view reports and submissions, who can complete apps, and who has full access to the website.

2) GoCanvas Subscription: Unlimited Apps & Editing Capabilities Included

Many clients get confused when they see our Application Store. They assume that they have to pay for every app they download into their account. NO WAY! We actually encourage clients to download as many mobile forms and apps as they think fit their business needs, and then from that point forward to edit them to better fit their specific business process.

The Application Store gives users a chance to download a ready-made framework. Then, they can then use the app builder to go in and edit the app to be the perfect solution for their business needs. This is ALWAYS free. The best part is that when you have completed creating the app of your dreams, you can easily assign the app to users within your account so that everyone is working with the same thing and saving everyone else time! This makes document management a breeze.

3) Use GoCanvas on Your PC

You may not think of this as a big feature, but the request for being able to record information on a laptop or desktop computer is common when companies look to go paperless! That is where our GoCanvas PC client comes in handy.

Currently, the PC client is available for Windows XP and above. It gives users the ability to enter information similarly as they would into their application on their IOS or Android device. Certain features like GPS Function and the elegant layout of being on a mobile device may be missing, but it gives users the full functionality to record information and uploads it to the database as GoCanvas does with other platforms. This will eliminate the need for bulky filing cabinets because you will be working with paperless statements withing your paperless office!

4) GoCanvas Payment Options for Every Kind of Business

Every day on the phone I hear, “$360 a year is a lot of money for a service when I am a one-person company.” And in that particular instance, it may be. The great thing about GoCanvas is that we work with all three types of companies: Big business, Middle business, and Small business. Each is as important as the other, but obviously, each has different needs associated with them. Here is a breakdown of the GoCanvas pricing plans:

GoCanvas offers a base Individual Plan that is always free. This includes

  • One User Limit
  • One Mobile Device at a Time
  • Unlimited GoCanvas Apps
  • Unlimited GoCanvas Cloud Storage
  • Offline Access
  • App Builder
  • PDF Designer

This plan is perfect for individuals who are hoping to reduce paper consumption or just want to give GoCanvas a try.

The GoCanvas Business Plan is priced at just $45 per user, per month when billed annually. This includes all of the individual features as well as

  • GoCanvas PDF Branding Removed
  • Dispatch Calendar
  • Standard Integrations

This plan is perfect for small businesses who are looking for an easy way to save time and money.

The GoCanvas Professional Plan is perfect for mid-sized businesses. It is priced at just $55 per user, per month. It offers all of the features from both the Business Plan and the Individual plan, as well as

  • Scheduled Dispatch & Calendar
  • Full API
  • Automated Workflow
  • Folders
  • Departments

For large businesses, contact the GoCanvas team to learn about our Enterprise Plan. This plan includes full GoCanvas access, all of the former features, and the following additions:

  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Pulse Alerts
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Best value across the organizations

Use our ROI Calculator to see just how much your company can save with GoCanvas. Whether you are a small or large business, iPad/iPhone, Android or Windows Desktop user, always know that GoCanvas has a solution to help you go paperless!

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