The Secret to Our Fast Growing Application Store

By Michael Benedict on May 19, 2014

With over 13,000 apps, we have everything from estimates to train unloading reports.  Want to know how we got the latter? A GoCanvas user.

GoCanvas users are contributing to the largest collection of form apps in the world.  One of the ways GoCanvas helps organizations go paperless is our application store. Our users share their apps when they use our Send Us Your Form Program. We turn their form into a free mobile app, and thousands of other users benefit from this company’s knowledge.

Worried about confidential company information? GoCanvas removes all personal and company-specific information, so only the form structure remains.  What is interesting is the incredible diversity of industries using GoCanvas.  Think we don’t have a work order for props? Think again.

What are some of the apps that users have shared? Pet groomers have clients completing the Pet Grooming Spa New Client Intake Form. Work with solar? You’ll definitely need the Solar Water Pump Survey.  If you’re in tourism, you might want to inspect that Zipline before sending the kids careening between mountains. And finally, the long-tail app winner of the month is Diet Survey by Recall Method.  Diversity indeed.

With GoCanvas, you can use a hundred or five apps for the same low cost. Visit the application store today to find the mobile equivalent of the paper form you’re using and download it. We’re sure you’ll spend less on data entry and save time.

Want to share your app? It takes about 2 minutes to do and you will be helping organizations across the globe work a lot more efficiently.

Photo credit: Y. Duarte via photopin cc