The Real Problem in Managing Remote Sales Teams

By katie simpson on March 30, 2015

Telephone PoleRemote workers, especially in sales, are becoming the norm. As of 2014, Stanford found that 10% of all workers telecommuted or worked from home. In sales, it’s not uncommon for your team to be all over a region: perhaps one person covers Chicago, another person handles Milwaukee and the Twin Cities, and a third focuses on Kansas City and St. Louis.

Getting information from these disparate employees can be difficult and time consuming. Maybe today you use phone calls, emails, and some faxing to share information. But it’s not standardized, easy to lose, and hard to track.

For instance, your sales person in Chicago is about to close a deal, but the prospect needs additional information. Your sales person emails in a request, but it gets opened and forgotten. That deal is lagging because of a simple error. The oversight undermines not only management, but also your sale cycle. 

The problems in managing remote sales teams often aren’t because of employees: it’s how you collect and share information. Previously, there wasn’t a better option. Today, smartphones and cloud storage are providing new alternatives for faster real-time communication, more accurate information, and streamlined sales cycles. 

The teams that rethink how they use and collect information will understand the market better, provide better customer service, and have significant boosts in productivity. After working with thousands of companies, we’ve seen the difference in time and money.

If you want to:

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Improve oversight
  • Enhance customer service

Then our guide, How to Manage Remote Sales – And Shorten the Sales Cycle, can help. You’ll learn the real problems behind your sale cycle and how to successfully implement new and more effective tools for your business.

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