The qMetrix Group Partners with GoCanvas to Share Transportation Inspection Apps with GoCanvas Users

By Michael Benedict on October 22, 2011

Mobile Apps for Train Inspections


The qMetrix Group has developed a quality improvement system for products that are shipped by rail or truck. The goal of the Qmetrix Mobile Appssystem is to reduce in-transit damage of products and provide an integration platform for reporting and sharing damage claims with the supply chain. Their system supports all kinds of inspections, including:
• Equipment inspection of the railcar or trailer (pre-load and post-unload)
• Shipping inspection of the load
• Receiving inspection
• Damage inspection

They selected GoCanvas to help them quickly and accurately perform these inspections.  They also use GoCanvas to monitor the quantity of items shipped in both Inbound and Outbound capacities.  GoCanvas makes these tasks incredibly quick, easy and accurate. Train Inspection Mobile Apps

Following their recent partnership with GoCanvas, qMetrix has generously agreed to share their Transportation Apps with the GoCanvas community of users.  For those of you who perform product quality and quantity inspections, you can download: Equipment & Shipping Inspections, Open Door Trucking Inspections, Construction Material Shipment Inspection, Inbound Inventory Inspections and many more.

Click here to see all of qMetrix’s Apps.  

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