The Mobile Address Book Scandal: Our Rule of Thumb – Do The Right Thing!

By James W Quigley on February 19, 2012

Address Book and Canvas

The recent scandal on mobile apps stripping one’s address book, is rightly causing a stir.   We at GoCanvas have a rule of thumb with everything we do – Do The Right Thing.  GoCanvas recently added a feature to our Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad platforms where we give users the ability to access their address books when choosing which contacts they would like to send their submissions/PDF’s to.   We make it easier for our subscribers to access their customer names, co-workers and other contacts within our app so they don’t have to retype in email addresses.  For more information on this feature you can check out these notes here: Click Here

GoCanvas does not copy your address book, for our use.  We are truly committed to making our application best serve you and your Dont Be Evilorganization and not our needs.   Doing the right thing and Not Being Evil is always the best path. If you ever have any questions regarding what data we collect or how we access your mobile device please let us know.  We will be updating our Privacy Policy soon to be far more direct on features like your address book.  Look for that update coming soon.