The Digital Revolution in Australia “Rocks On”

By mike squires on February 16, 2013

The Digital Revolution in Australia “Rocks On”Australians love technology.

From the time that GoCanvas announced in December 2012 that it was opening an Office in Australia that interest from local companies started to ‘rock”.

As with many countries, Small Business is an important segment of the Australian economy, employing more than seven million Australians. (1)

But Small Business owners are spending too much time and money on paperwork and not enough time managing their businesses.  The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry survey in 2012 showed 44 per cent of businesses spend one to five hours a week on red tape – and of course for small business that’s often after hours, impacting on family life.  The survey also found that 40 per cent of these small businesses spent about $10,000 a year on managing red tape.

Here in the GoCanvas Sydney Office we have noticed a trend which is linking Big and Small businesses in a way that would have been prohibitively expensive for Small Business owners just a few years ago.

That link is with GoCanvas Apps.

Large entities such as big mining, construction companies, insurance, and Large Telcos who use GoCanvas Apps have been encouraging their suppliers and contractors to also use GoCanvas Apps to cut the paper flow, increase efficiency and be paid faster for their services.

Some businesses, big and small, have onerous amounts of paper forms to complete, especially with government Occupational Health & Safety requirements, Insurance, Site Inspections, as well as Job Estimates and Work Orders.  The low entry price point for GoCanvas Apps gives even the smallest business the same advantages as enjoyed by the behemoths in reducing their paper flow through Digital Forms. 

Being “online”, having a “smart phone” or “tablet” is only part of the equation for big and small business alike. These devices may be stylish but they won’t save you money unless you use them wisely.  Having GoCanvas on your mobile devices levels the playing field.  It allows big, medium and small companies to do business in harmony with each other.

Smart Devices with GoCanvas Apps are a big step in the Revolution to eliminate paper. 

What are you waiting for Australia? Rock on with GoCanvas.