The Current State of Data Collection at Many Enterprise Businesses

By andrew cantle on November 8, 2013

Given the great leaps forward in IT over recent years it’s surprising to hear how many business still use paper in their day to day work. About 95% of businesses still use paper, both in the office and out in the field. Perhaps this is due to the perceived cost of going mobile, or old, expensive legacy systems and processes that include paper, and seem hard to change. Even more surprising? Enterprises are just as likely to use paper as small businesses.

We got rid of the typewriter, it’s time for paper to go too!

Recently, I came across an Australian company, with 5,000 sales people in the field. They still use clipboards and paper to take orders. Each piece of paper has to be sent to a central office to be typed into an old ordering system. Sometimes days go past before the order is uploaded. With orders captured twice, this slows the process and hurts the end customer.

There is a better way. Companies don’t need to tolerate the issues of lost paper forms, illegible handwriting, inefficient processes or entering data twice. Businesses can leverage the power of Software-as-a-Service, cloud computing and data storage. These tools combined can take their data collection mobile in a short time and for a fraction of the expected cost.

Thousands of companies today use mobile forms to help them say goodbye to paper. Many apps, like GoCanvas, provide online form-building tools. Organizations can create forms with GPS capture, photo capture, calculations, signature capture, and barcode scanning in minutes.

Getting these forms to their workforce is simple too. With a click of a button their workforce can access these forms on smartphones or tablets. Consider as well the huge recent growth in smartphone usage, the chances are that the business doesn’t need to invest in new devices. Workers can simply use their own (BYOD). Worried about halfyour workers using android and the other half using iPhones? Relax: many mobile forms work across platforms.

Customers rave about numerous benefits– better quality of data collection (no poor handwriting / false information), collecting data real-time, no loss of forms, increased cash-flow, to name but a few.

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