The Best Construction Data Collection Methods

By katie simpson on January 28, 2014

Whether you focus on commercial construction or on private homes, data and the details matter. But what are the best methods? Could you improve? To have the best data collection for your business, ask yourself these questions.

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What Do You Need?

Depending on your location and area of expertise, there are safety procedures you must go through with. With these procedures, comes the forms you need to have on file as well. Make a list of what data you need to have to cover your bases. This won't just help you define what data you need, but also what data is unnecessary (and you can trim those inspections down). 

No matter what, these rules and regulations will change over time. Mobile apps will aid your change. Editing takes just a few minutes, and you can send it out for use immediately.  

More than just safety, it's important to ask yourself this question as a business owner or manager. Do you need more information on your employees or subcontractors? Have you had to scramble for information on equipment in the past? This too can help you decided what information you need on your forms.  

Mobile apps can make certain fields required. That way, your users must fill out those fields to submit their information. You'll get the information you need no matter what. 

What Do You Want? 

More than what you need, you need to decide what you want for data. What data do you not have? Where are your blind spots? Where are you thinking off change or growth? Perhaps you don't know as much about your product delivery as you would like. Create a list of areas where your data is lacking or what you will need before making your next strategic decision.

From there, it's easy to expand your data with mobile apps. For production delivery, you can add GPS capture for drivers at both pick up and delivery of product. You  might even find two different routes are overlapping, and can trim them into one route. 
One commercial construction owner recently noted that this is the worst economy since the Great Depression. You can't know where you are inefficient if you lack the data to prove it. 

Mobile apps make it easy to expand your data, and analyze it. Beyond GPS that can include photos, barcode scanning, calculations, even auto-populated fields with your own reference data. All of your submissions are accessible 24/7 in the cloud. It's easy to export them to your own system with both csv and xml files. Not only will you get more data, but you'll be able to analyze it without spending time entering it into your database. 

Every business, even in construction, has unique needs. Asking yourself these questions paired with mobile apps will help you create the best data collection methods for you.

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