Tharp Plumbing Throws a Wrench into the World of Paper Forms and Goes Paperless with GoCanvas

By andy adams on December 7, 2012

Tharp Plumbing Logo

Tharp Plumbing, a Florida based plumbing company, has taken a comprehensive approach to replacing their paper-based forms with customized GoCanvas mobile apps.  In order to accomplish this with their mobile workers they have deployed GoCanvas on a mix of Apple and Android powered devices, depending on each user’s preference.

Like any company, Tharp has many forms that need to be filled out on a regular basis.  These forms touch upon each facet of their business, from back office to customer interaction.  Before using GoCanvas, these forms would be filled out by hand and submitted to the proper individual/department to be processed, indexed, and stored.  As with all paper forms, these forms were susceptible to damage, illegible handwriting, and even getting lost somewhere along the way.

By switching to GoCanvas, these potential issues have been removed.  Now employees use their mobile devices to fill out forms and submit them to the proper individual or department, who receive a copy of the form that is not only very neat, but automatically indexed, filed, and retrievable at any time.  To date, Tharp Plumbing has converted over 25 forms into GoCanvas Mobile Apps.  These forms include everything from Daily Job Reports, to Employee Feedback, to T-shirt Orders, to a RSVP for holiday events hosted by the company!

At GoCanvas, we’re always thrilled when a company takes such a comprehensive approach to going paperless.  GoCanvas offers a single solution to replace ALL of your paper forms.  By replacing such a large portion of paper-based forms with electronic forms, a company is making a commitment to business practices that are sustainable, both for their bottom line and the environment.  For more ideas on how you can go paperless with GoCanvas, visit our GoCanvas Application Store, 0r check out one of our popular plumbing work order forms.

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