Thanksgiving: We’re Grateful for You

By katie simpson on November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving, a time of year when we rush around the country, stuff our faces, try not to fight with our relatives and watch (whether we want to or not) football. It’s easy in all this madness to forget the point of this holiday— to take a moment and give thanks.

Should this only be done in our personal lives? At GoCanvas, we wanted to take a moment to be thankful too. We’re grateful to work with wonderful people, our new partnerships, and our awesome refreshments. But in the end? We’re most grateful for you, our customers. So to show our thanks, here are some memorable moments that we’ve enjoyed this year.

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Making the Connection

I was on a call with a customer that was asking me questions about reference data and how to set it up in the builder… I started to explain [the app builder] and the customer finished my sentence with the correct answer to the next step in the process.

It was an “Ah-Ha!”  moment, where everything clicked for them. I then asked if they knew how to set up the next sequence and they answered correctly. It’s that moment where you get a feeling that you are helping people to understand and you can see it come to fruition in front of you.

Josh, Senior Mobile App Consultant

Just Say Yes!

I was working with a client when a client asked if we had any way to make the GoCanvas PDF look more like the original paper form he was previously using. I explained to the client that for a custom one-time fee, our developers could create a GoCanvas PDF that mirrored their original form and filled out using their GoCanvas app!

The client additionally asked if we could put in hyperlinks and icons to their company’s social media pages, so that when they send the Custom PDF to their customer they could click on them. I told him YES we could, and it would be no additional fee! A great man once told me, “JUST SAY YES!”. In this case, we were both excited after the completion of his custom PDF in less than a week.

Keith, Senior Mobile App Consultant

A Routine Chat, a Perfect Match

One positive customer experience I’ve had was during chat. We had recently been discussing chat and how we can make it a better experience for our users who are utilizing it. 

The client was asking about a number of different features such as emailing options and reference data. Eventually I decided it would be more valuable to do a quick phone call. I found out the company’s current process was wasting them and exorbitant amount of time and money and that GoCanvas would essentially be a perfect for what they were trying to do. I was able to get them to sign up for a trial and set up a demo with one of our Senior Mobile App Consultants. 

So, what started as a routine chat, turned into a great opportunity for GoCanvas and this company.

Melanie, Mobile App Consultant 

At GoCanvas, we’re about more than the bottom line or revenue numbers. We love helping you grow your business with better data collection. Hearing our customers thrive with our help is the best part of our work. Thank you for letting us share the journey.

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