Texas Utility Contractor Digs GoCanvas on iOS

By andy adams on August 9, 2012

Utility Contractor Digs GoCanvas on iOS

A Utility Contractor based out of Texas has begun using GoCanvas on iOS to go both paperless and mobile.  Using a mix of apps they will now be able to track everything from job progress to equipment condition, real time.

When doing any utility work on construction sites, data collection and data accuracy are crucial to both speed and cost of job completion.  Before switching to GoCanvas, this company would capture all data on paper to then be reentered, indexed, and filed for later retrieval and use.  This use of paper on a job site made the data susceptible to damage or loss before it could be turned in and entered into the system.

With GoCanvas, this company now captures all data, ensures accuracy, submits and indexes all in one simple step!  By using iOS devices to powered with their own custom GoCanvas Apps, this Utility Contractor is able to capture all data that was previously on their forms, as well as data that was previously captured separately, such as images of damaged equipment.  These functions have allowed this company to automate their forms and expand upon the data collected, effectively enhancing the communication from job site to back office.

For apps to increase the speed at which you currently capture data, or move past the restrictions of paper forms visit our Application Store or Send Us Your Form for your own custom app as a part of your Free 30 day trial of GoCanvas!