Texas Supply Chain Service Company Streamlines Workflows with GoCanvas on iPhones & iPads

By andy adams on September 21, 2012

Texas Supply Chain Service Company Streamlines Workflows with GoCanvas on iOS

Case Study: Improve Data Collection with GoCanvas

Here at GoCanvas, we are proud to report on companies around the globe who use our system to go paperless and improve their internal processes. Recently, a Texas-based SCS Company began using GoCanvas to automate their data collection on iPads and iPhones.  This company specializes in facilities management, design, and maintenance.  Their expertise ranges from electrical systems to mechanical systems, all of which are designed to operate and maximize efficiency.

Paper Problems, GoCanvas Solutions

Before adopting a mobile solution, this company would fill out countless paper forms in order to collect relevant data.  Due to the volume of raw data needed, employees would hastily write down key metrics and notes and then go back and fill out complete forms after their site visits.  Many of these values would be rewritten several times throughout their visit as they progressed through the facility.

Being a company whose services were based upon the ability to provide operational efficiency, this Texas SCS company knew they had to make a change.  By implementing GoCanvas apps on iPhones and iPads, they were able to enact the changes they needed.  Employees can now use GoCanvas features to capture key data points in a fraction of the time and select values from repeating list screens, rather than rewriting the data several times.  Not only was this company able to eliminate redundancy while going paperless, but also automate the document delivery and storage methods.  This Texas SCS company is currently working to implement Webservices and other GoCanvas integrations, allowing the data to flow seamlessly into their own backend systems.

Go Paperless with GoCanvas

Increased efficiency is something that benefits all industries, but especially supply chain management companies!  For apps to help you do this, visit the GoCanvas application store and get started with your own free 30 day trial of GoCanvas today!