Texas Based Concrete Company Paves the Way for GoCanvas Apps on iPhones

By kalliopi vlastos on November 7, 2012

canvas apps for concrete companies

A commercial and industrial concrete company based in Texas is paving the way for GoCanvas mobile apps on iPhones. The company’s employees previously used paper to collect time sheet data and would call purchase orders in so they could receive a purchase order number. Now with GoCanvas, these processes are entirely electronic.

The Purchase Order app was simple to build, but collects all the necessary data: who is ordering the material, the job it’s for, the cost code associated with it, as well as the vendor, and the specific material purchased. Most importantly, with Canvas’s unique numbering feature, each purchase order submitted is assigned a PO# that is consecutive and never repeats. The company was even able to start at the number they left off on before they found GoCanvas.

The company’s Timesheet app is a little more complicated. This app is filled out by the crew leader on behalf of his or her employees. For each day worked, the superintendent selects the employee name from a drop-down, then details the hours worked, the job number, phase of the job and cost code. It then asks a series of questions about whether or not the employee worked on additional jobs, phases or cost codes. If the answer is yes, it pulls up a conditional screen so the crew leader can enter the additional information and hours worked. If the answer is no, the superintendent finishes the details for that particular employee and selects another from the drop-down list.

Since getting signed up with GoCanvas this concrete company hasn’t looked back. It’s users have completed thousands of submissions and not a single piece of paper needed to be printed. If you’re sick of printing, check out our Application Store and download a purchase order or timesheet app. We can even help you with all the advanced features so don’t be shy. You can email us at sales@gocanvas.com or call at 866.242.9334 ext 115.