Tailored to You: Why Small Businesses Choose GoCanvas for Electronic Forms

By nick linsmaye on January 20, 2014

Unlike so many other services where you’re lucky if you can avoid having to troubleshoot your problems with an automated recording, Canvas is dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible. As an illustration of our dedication, here are the top reasons why small business love GoCanvas as their source for business apps:

At GoCanvas, we’ll give you the custom-tailored product you deserve (hamron, Source)

1. Choose From Thousands of Premade Apps

Rather than charge you for every app you get from us, GoCanvas is committed to giving you access to the entire catalog of the thousands of apps in our application store. As a result, you can easily find whatever invoice, inspection, or zombie preparedness checklist that you’re looking for. So whether you’re a firefighter, a car salesperson, or a nuclear power plant manager, we have apps for you!

2. Freedom to Tinker

Many other business app providers lock you into rigid form types, not so at GoCanvas. Any app that you download from the application store acts as a template. You can edit them as much or as little as you want.

Do you want to have your name included on a dropdown down menu ? Or do you want your company’s name to be listed on the header of a form’s PDF output? Yep. You can easily make those changes in under a minute using our easy-to-use app builder.

3. Build From the Ground Up: Custom-Built Apps for Your Business

If there isn’t an app that suits your liking among the 13,000+ apps, we can make it for you. Just send us your form. We’ll have a mobile app custom built for you in about two weeks. When you sign up, your first form is free. Not only does this empower your company to take control of your data by ditching paper and going digital, it means that you can have any type of form your company uses as an app.

4. We’ll Always Have Your Back.

Rather than expecting that you’ll know every single possible use of mobile apps, we’ll ensure that you make the most of mobile apps for your business. We provide a library of resources. They include videos, written how-tos, even webinars.

Want to talk with a human? We have support available by phone, email, or even chat on our website. Our support doesn’t come with any caveats or pricing: we’re available to answer your questions. In this regard, you can be assured that your mobile apps can grow in their usefulness just as your company grows.

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