Switching to Mobile Apps for Business? It’s Easy with GoCanvas

By matthew bubna-litic on January 2, 2014

I hear a lot of concern and worry from potential customers. There are the question every business would ask. Questions on cost, efficiency, and compatibility. Yet, none of these are as common as this question:

What if some members of my team struggle to use GoCanvas?

I get it. You see our product as easy to use, but if a few members of the team ‘just don’t get it’, a full roll out becomes a struggle. Instead of making your business easier, a business app could cost you hours in training a few members of the team.

We understand and know this fear well. This is where the GoCanvas team comes in.

GoCanvas Support

GoCanvas has a dedicated support network to assist you and your team in using mobile apps. Our work doesn’t end when business owners get familiar with our software. We provide introductory webinars, and run workshops for employees on using business apps in the field. We're even available for chat support 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. 

Even when we aren't working with you directly, we provide a host of resources. These include our Tour, Product Walkthroughs, and Help Center. Our resources include text, video, and diagrams. No matter how you process information, we have it accesible and available for you. 

Designed to be easy

We promise: Using GoCanvas is as easy as ABC (Paula Godoy, Source)

Not everyone is a developer (or wants to be). From the beginning, we wanted an easy to use solution, whether you can code or not. Although GoCanvas has a lot of features and advanced functionality, they all work behind the scenes. Your everyday user doesn’t need to understand reference data to enjoy auto-populated fields from your databases. She doesn't need to understand API webservices to enjoy her submissions going straight into your databases without any extra work. 

We took this idea even further: Don’t want a particular functionality in the form? You don’t have to use it. Use what you want and need. You can start out with a simple streamlined form. Gradually work in more advanced features as your employees become more comfortable with GoCanvas, or as you find new ways to use mobile apps(and still pay the same price)! Often as employees become more comfortable, they recommend innovative ways to use GoCanvas. 

Mobile is Better 

Filling out a mobile form on GoCanvas is easier and faster than filling out the same form with pen and paper. I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across a range of industries: Not once have I had a user who couldn’t get the software.

Perhaps you’re still worried. Are you afraid because some of your employees can hardly use email let alone mobile apps? Talk to your GoCanvas Mobile App Consultant. They can work directly with your employees, or give you tips and tricks to get started.

Your employees can use GoCanvas. It doesn’t have to cost you hours of time training and retraining your employees. Contact us, and get up and running with mobile apps today!