Subsoil Septic Services Flushes Paper, Implements GoCanvas on iPad/iPhone

By andy adams on September 6, 2012

Subsoil Septic

SubSoil Septic Services Inc, a company based out of Calgary, Alberta, has started using GoCanvas on iOS to collect data crucial for day to day operations.

SubSoil is a company that specializes in septic design and maintenance.  SubSoil offers everything from Pre-site assessments on layout, to ongoing septic maintenance programs.  In both the design and maintenance stages, there are many data points which must be accurately collected in order to implement a successful system.   Not only is the collection of the data important, but also the ability to track this data over time. 

Because of this, SubSoil has begun implementing custom GoCanvas apps to gather vital information.  This data is then sent back to the site and automatically indexed.  Currently, these apps are helping SubSoil to capture information about the soil on the site.  They can then go to the site and find all completed apps for any given property.  By comparing the most recently captured data with that gathered since the first survey, Subsoil is able to track the progression of the soil on any of its customer’s sites.

When using mobile apps on GoCanvas, you are able to gather information more quickly and accurately than on paper.  GoCanvas also offers more dynamic functions, such as the ability to have calculations automatically performed based upon gathered data.  For your own dynamic mobile app, please check out our Application Store, or Send us Your Form as a part of your free 30 day trial!

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