Struggling With Rain or Floods? 4 Mobile Apps to Help

By katie simpson on May 1, 2014

Usually I love the walk from my home to the office. The past few days? I’ve come to the office a bit soggy.

You need more than an umbrella to prepare for rain in your business. Photo credit: Helga Weber via photopin cc

Working in an office 9-5, rain causes some annoyances but doesn’t limit my job. But if you’re in construction or water treatment, rain can definitely cause problems. From safety risks to home damage, you can’t change the weather, but you can deal with it efficiently. Whether you use iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows, we’ve got a few mobile apps to help:

Rain Event Action Plan

From covering equipment to preventing water pollution, it’s easy to forget parts of your protocol in preparing for rain. There’s an easy way to protect your workers and your hard work. With our Rain Event Action Plan, you can ensure not only that you’ve done all the necessary prep for the rain. Even better? Your form doesn’t come back soggy to the office.

Flood Damage Home Action Plan

After flood damage, knowing what to do so you can begin to repair your house can feel overwhelming.  Our action plan helps homeowners and contractors go step by step to remove the damage. With GoCanvas, you can ensure that your manufactured or mobile home is ready for the compliance inspection.

Concrete Pavement Construction: Basic Weather Considerations

Have you put down concrete before the rain? Then you know the pain of paste running off, or possible cracking from rapid surface cooling. Don’t waste time or money repaving. This concrete checklist ensures that your workers on site can protect their work.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Service Report

New York City alone processes 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater daily. Treating water can become more complicated after heavy rainfall. With drop down lists and automatic time and date stamps, this app allows you to quickly record water sample findings, and any of your recommendations.

All of GoCanvas mobile apps make your forms immediate available in the cloud. You can be sure that not only is the file safe but will have a quick turnaround in making your recommendations realities.

You Can Save Hundreds of Hours This Year

These are just four of over 13,000 mobile apps in our store. Not only are all of these customizable but you can make your own mobile app, no coding required. With a free trial, what do you have to lose?