Storm Compliance Company Spurns Paper for GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS

By scott shea on August 29, 2012

Storm Compliance Company Spurns Paper for GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS

A California storm compliance agency has recently decided to remove wasteful paper from their business in favor of custom mobile apps.  With regulations constantly changing in this industry, it was imperative for the company to be able to easily adapt their forms.  GoCanvas answered these needs.

GoCanvas was easily able to recreate the paper form formerly used by the compliance company.  The forms cover all facets of storm water prevention to eliminate exposure and risk to harsh inclement weather.  The form provides a step by step checklist that an employee has to go over in order to ensure all areas of a given property are thoroughly inspected for potential damage due to a storm.  Everything from erosion control to storm drains to preservation of vegetation is covered.   The form allows them to easily answer Yes/No questions and then provide in depth comments on each individual line item.

Once all the information in the app is captured, the site inspection can be emailed directly to the customer who will receive a PDF.  The storm compliance agency was pleased with how the old paper form looked and wanted to keep that exact output for their customers.  This was no problem.  GoCanvas was able to take their old paper form and convert the PDF that is generated after filling out an app on the mobile device to look exactly the same.  Now, the customer will receive an email immediately after a site inspection is done and the company can keep the look and feel they are used to.  Imagine all the paper saved!

The storm compliance agency enlisted the services of one of Canvas’ Mobile Apps Consultants who is always available to help build, edit, and advise on the features GoCanvas has to offer. You can always check out our Application Store at where we have thousands of pre-built apps that can be downloaded for free and customized to fit the needs of your business.

If your business is looking to go paperless, give GoCanvas a shot and sign up for a free trial!