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Still Using Paper for your Project Site Diaries? Then You Need To Read This

By keith bateman on September 21, 2016

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Analyzing the Process

Site Diaries are a key part of any construction industry and project tracking process. It usually involves an engineer or supervisor taking written notes on the events and details of the day at their specific project site.

Details usually include:

  • Work Description
  • Weather Conditions
  • Site Conditions
  • Man Power on Site
  • Machinery/Equipment statuses and details
  • Signatures of supervisors and contractors

This information is all hand written, and within the best companies, is accompanied by separate site and equipment photos that are taken with a phone or digital camera. This is then all compiled, signed by their manager, and scanned or driven all the way back to the office by the end of the day. 

This is the IDEAL scenario in most companies, but this time-consuming, inefficient, paper-based process still does not get completed on-time in most cases. 

The more frequent scenario is that these forms don't get completed on a daily basis, and when they do, they aren't being filled out accurately or with all the necessary information to be properly analyzed. This is the result of a paper-based Site Diary and reporting process that forces construction personnel to take 2-8x times longer to capture, share, and analyze data.

What's Wrong with Paper?

So, why are more and more construction companies switching away from paper Site Diaries and moving towards mobile forms? Well, the answer can be found in the direct head to head comparison between the two data collection methods.

The things you can do with a GoCanvas Site Diary on your mobile device that you can't do with paper include:

  • Attach & Capture Photos
  • Capture GPS Coordinates
  • Require Every Field to be Filled Out
  • Share Reports in Real-time via Email
  • Automatically Store Data Online or Integrate to Your Internal Systems
  • Create Approval Workflows & Track the Status of Reports

All this and more is possible with the GoCanvas mobile platform. It cuts out the hassle and time of having to manually collect all his data and transport it back to the office and instead automates the front and backend processes for your company.

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The True Benefits

You may be asking yourself, “Canvas will make my data collection faster, but what else will it do?” Great question!

In our recent customer survey, we asked our clients in the Construction industry what operational benefits they realized since deploying GoCanvas. And as you can see from the graphic below, it goes well beyond simply “collecting data faster”. 

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So if you are looking to not only start collecting data faster and more accurately, but also increasing the overall efficiency within your business, check out GoCanvas for your mobile form needs today!

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