State Water Management District Mobilizes on Laptops and Sinks Paper Process with Canvas

By Joe Gatto on November 2, 2011

Water Management Mobile Business Apps with Canvas

A regional water management district in the southern United States selects GoCanvas to manage water and related natural resources.  This small state water management district monitors water quantity and quality, research regulation, land acquisition and management and flood protection. They monitor river and lake levels at 6 automated stations and an additional 26 stations in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey. 

Prior to deploying GoCanvas, agency employees and volunteers found it difficult to collect and manage data from the field and ensure that the data collected and station location was accurately tracked using paper forms.

Leveraging their existing inventory of laptops and by building their own data collection apps using the GoCanvas SmartBuilder, all of these worries have disappeared! Now with simple dropdown menus, auto-calculations, and the use of required fields to ensure specific data is not forgotten, information is quickly and easily captured and sent back to agency personnel in real-time. Incorporating Geotagging through GoCanvas was also critical to the process and now staff can view detailed coordinates of where samples were collected.

Are you a state or local agency looking for a better way to collect data from the field? Check out Canvas! You can probably even find your app already waiting for you in the fast growing GoCanvas Application Store.