Snow on the Way? Learn How Snow Removal Companies Can Avoid Getting Buried in Paperwork

By keith bateman on March 13, 2017

Snow Plowing

Plowing Away Paperwork

As the snow starts falling, the removal trucks will begin to hit the streets in an effort to get ahead of the storm.

Many trucks are contracted through each state’s Department of Transportation agency and are given specific snow removal routes to cover. But these trucks primarily focus on clearing the highways and surface streets for general transportation. Private businesses and organizations rely on snow removal service companies to clear and de-ice their driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks in order to reopen as soon as possible.

Snow is a big business in many states, allowing some snow removal companies to make as much as $400,000 in one month! But not every company makes this kind of money, and the industry is extremely competitive. Customer acquisition and retention can come down to the smallest of details like status updates and communication.

So why are mobile forms important in the snow removal industry?  Real-time data reporting and documentation!

Mobile forms allow snow removal companies to not only capture information about the locations that they are servicing but allow the delivery of the information directly to the client as soon as it is happening. The GoCanvas Snow Removal Log allows the driver of the snow truck to send a detailed PDF report to the client that includes:

  • On-site GPS Confirmation PDFSignatureCameraGPS
  • Photos of Before/After Clearing
  • Time Started & Completed
  • Driver Signature
  • General Comments

The information being captured at each work site is sent in real-time to the client’s inbox instead of days after the snow event. This can increase customer satisfaction and dramatically reduce time spent by office staff compiling post-service reports. This type of customer service, along with your company’s expert snow/ice removal, can easily increase your customer retention rate and differentiate you from your paper based competitors.

Mobile Forms for All Your Data Collection Needs

Snow plow iconAside from the customer facing reports, there are plenty of other ways that snow removal companies can reduce their data re-entry time and increase their internal efficiency.

If you are interested in getting all your records on the cloud and cutting out a mountain of paper documentation, we suggest deploying these additional mobile forms:

Ready to Get Started?

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