Small Business News Roundup 2/15/14

By katie simpson on February 15, 2014

Been busy prepping for Valentines Day? You haven’t been the only one. Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.

1. Are you looking to get funds for your small business? Bloomberg’s Businessweek a great piece of advice on how to get started.

2. Of all the social networking sites, which one has the most promise? Forbes argues that Instagram’s visual style has retailers and businesses taking a second look

Not all social media platforms are made equal (Jason Howie, Source)

3. You may not have the massive technology needs or know how of the big businesses, but here are 5 tech trends that you need to know.

4. BYOD versus employee privacy, it’s a struggle that seems to be ongoing. Entrepreneur brings a great piece this week on the issues on the horizon.

5. Did you know Angry Birds was created by a European company?  Europe may not have a Google or Apple yet, but Wall Street Journal reveals that the continent is a heavyweight in apps.

What have you been reading this week?