Skydiving Company has Falling Out with Paper:  Goes Mobile with GoCanvas Waiver Apps on iPad

By andy adams on December 20, 2012

Skydiving Company has Falling Out with Paper:  Goes Mobile with GoCanvas Waiver Apps on iPad
Skydive Temple, a Texas based skydiving company, has made the move to go paperless with GoCanvas on Apple devices. 

Whenever a customer shows up to get their adrenaline fix, Skydive Temple employees must go through extensive safety and instruction guidelines.  After these guidelines have been reviewed, customers are required to complete a comprehensive waiver form that is specific to their jump.  The waivers are for Accelerated Freefall, Experienced Jumpers, and Tandem Jumps.  Before switching over to GoCanvas, Skydive Temple employees would determine jump type, retrieve the proper paper waiver form, provide it to the customer to be completed, and then stick it in a file in the office.

By switching over to GoCanvas on iPads, employees can now select the proper GoCanvas application, hand the iPad to their customer for completion, and then submit the completed waiver on the spot.  The customer signature is captured electronically by simply signing it with their finger right on the screen.  Once submitted, all waivers are sent to Canvas’s secure site where they are automatically stored and indexed by waiver type.  These waivers are fully searchable by any of the data collected (such as the name of the person jumping), allowing Skydive Temple to find a customer’s entire jump history with just a few quick keystrokes!

For an app that suits your own business needs, visit Canvas’s Application Store which contains thousands of pre-built apps including an entire section for different waiver apps!  Once added to your account, all apps can be totally customized to fit your specific needs; you can even add your own custom header and logo.  Or you can send us your form for a totally customized app as a part of your free 30 day trial!

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