Sierra National Asphalt Increases Productivity by 50% with GoCanvas Mobile Forms

By keith bateman on September 23, 2016

Engineering Greater Profits & Productivity by Eliminating Paperwork

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  • Industry: Construction, General Engineering
  • Location: California, U.S.A.
  • Website: Visit Here

Quick Facts

  • Saving 845 hours annually in productivity
  • Eliminated $4,160 in annual paper costs
  • Seeing a $50,000 Return on Investment

Time is Money

There is a popular saying that goes “time is money”, and nothing is truer when it comes to the Construction industry. For Sierra National Asphalt(SNA), and their asphalt and engineering experts, they realized they were losing hundreds of hours on a monthly basis due to inefficient data collection processes. This was turning into longer projects, which resulted into more expensive projects, and resulted into a loss on their bottom line. With GoCanvas mobile forms, the SNA work crews are now able to collect and transfer their daily reports right from the worksite. Resulting in less lost forms, quicker processing of reports, and virtually zero data re-entry by office staff. More time, more money.

Understanding the Process, and Fixing the Problem

When the GoCanvas team first met with Sandee Pierce, Administrative Director at Sierra National Asphalt, the goal was not to sell a solution, but to understand what parts in the process were breaking down and how they could be made more efficient. The Senior Mobile Application Consultants worked with Sandee and her team to map out a success plan that included fixing the areas in which they were losing valuable time, increasing the speed of billing and invoicing, and increasing the visibility of data across all departments.

The GoCanvas mobile platform that was customized for SNA included a dual Timesheet and Daily Report application. This allowed the field users to record both their time and the activities completed on their specific job site.

Sierra National Asphalt took advantage of Canvas’ Reference Data feature by connecting their internal Project, Material, and Employee lists directly to the mobile application. This allows their users to simply select values from a drop-down instead of manually typing data into each individual field. This has significantly cut down on inaccurate, misspelled reports being sent back to the office.

And now, when a report is completed on field user’s mobile device, all the information is automatically submitted to the office and stored in Sierra National Asphalt’s secure Canvas cloud database for immediate review by the office staff.

“The Supervisors do not have to go to job sites to track down and collect time sheets (anymore). The reference data and validation tables have reduced the errors that previously caused corrections by the supervisors and office staff,” remarked Sandee Pierce. “Output reports have reduced the time it takes to enter time data into payroll.”


Paperless Productivity 

At the end of the day, it all comes back to the old saying. With the automation of their frontend data collecting and backend reporting, Sierra National Asphalt has recouped over 845 hours in productivity annually since implementing GoCanvas. They’ve cut out over $4,000 in paper costs and saw a full return on their investment in GoCanvas within the first 6 months of deployment.  With the right platform and support, SNA was able to implement a system that is now managing their data, increasing their productivity by 50%, and making them money.