Shipley Energy Switches to Custom GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

By scott shea on October 31, 2012

Shipley Energy Switches to Custom GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

Shipley Energy is the largest locally owned provider of home heating energy, including oil, natural gas and propane, in Central Pennsylvania.   The company has been around for over eight decades and certainly knows their business.  Over time, Shipley has been able to adapt and improve within their industry.  When it came to business technology, they were no different.

Prior to using GoCanvas, Shipley used paper forms for a whole host of sales forms.  This proved to be inefficient and did not give the professional look Shipley wanted.  After discovering GoCanvas and equipping their team with iPads, all of their sales processes were made easier.   The steps to get going were simple.  First, they signed up for the Free 30 Day Trial that GoCanvas offers.  Next, Shipley employees began building their very own apps.  They used the GoCanvas app builder and took forms they used to fill out with pen and paper and turned them in to Custom Mobile Apps.  When the apps are built, they added all their sales force to the account and assigned the apps to the users.  Once GoCanvas is installed on the iPads, the Shipley Sales Team can log in and begin filling out the apps.  The apps Shipley built cover everything they need.  They use GoCanvas to complete sales/purchase agreements, credit applications, share leads within the company, tank registrations, and to come across as a more professional sales organizations.

All this is done right from the iPad.  The sales force looks like a truly professional organization.  No more shuffling through papers or carrying large binders.  The business efficiency has also increased thanks to GoCanvas.  Once an app is filled out, it is immediately stored on the GoCanvas cloud.  So while the Sales Force is in the field, employees back at the office can begin processing sales requests right away.  Also, there is no need to re-enter data because GoCanvas stores it for you.

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