Security Services Provider Ushers in New Technology with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android Devices

By kalliopi vlastos on February 6, 2012

Canvas Apps for Security

One of the largest providers of security services in the U.S. has turned to GoCanvas to deliver real time data on their Android phones and tablets.

We’re used to seeing security guards with bulky walkie-talkies, but one company is doing things differently. It has equipped its security officers with Android devices to collect data about the people, surroundings and events they encountered while on shift. Many of their apps contain an instructions screen that the officer on duty must confirm he has read as well as a signature field at the end of the app to verify that he has answered all the questions to the best of his knowledge.

The company creates new apps on the fly to accommodate its clients’ needs. These include Holiday Checklists for various locations, Security Officer Evaluation apps, and Post Commander Shift Audits among others.

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