Security Company Uses iPhones to Capture Customer Installation Information

By Jason Good on January 12, 2012

residential and commercial security business uses iphones to capture installation information

A residential and commercial security business has decided ditch paper forms and capture their installation information via iPhones and GoCanvas mobile business apps instead.  After being in business for over 30 years and installing state of the art equipment for their customers, it was time to use the latest mobile technology to capture their installation information electronically instead of using pen and paper.

Using Canvas’s online mobile app bulder tool, they created an app based on their existing paper form and deployed it to over 15 employees.  They are capturing critical information such as the time that their employees arrive and leave the job sites, the materials used, customer signature, and a check-list to ensure everything has been tested and is working properly.  Once they complete the form it is emailed automatically back to the office so their billing and other systems can be updated right away.

Now they don’t have to wait for their installers to return to the office with the paperwork.  And it is also a lot easier for their staff in the office to enter information into their computer system without having to battle damaged (Or lost!) paper forms and illegible handwriting.  Plus all of their data is stored safely and securely on Canvas’s servers and is accessible from anywhere via the Internet.  And finally, the folks out in the field don’t have to carry a clipboard around anymore.  An iPhone is much easier to carry!