Scissors Beat Paper! UK Hair Salon Gets Stylish with GoCanvas Apps

By andy adams on October 3, 2012

Scissors Beat Paper

One of Lee-on-The-Solent’s local hair salons has decided to cut out paper and start using GoCanvas to go paperless.  Why wrestle with paper forms when data can be captured and stored electronically so easily these days?

Before switching to GoCanvas on iPads and iPhones, this salon would collect nearly all data concerning employees, customers, and the facility through paper.  These forms would then be indexed, stored, and later retrieved when needed.  Their system was working, but they knew it was not the most efficient or cost effective way to do things.

Upon making the switch to GoCanvas, this company was able to convert various forms into custom mobile apps.  These forms included job applications, employee agreements, travel expenses, and store inspection, with more to come in the near future.  Now, once they have completed any of these forms, they are automatically sent up to Canvas’s secure server to be stored and indexed automatically and are accessible anytime.  With this indexing system, they can now simply type in any subject they may be searching for, such as an employee name, and GoCanvas automatically retrieves all relevant completed forms.

At GoCanvas, we’re always thrilled to see new customers making effective use of mobile technologies, especially in industries where you don’t always expect to see it!  For your own custom mobile app, send us your form as a part of your Free 30 Day Trial, or visit our download one of our most popular client card apps today!

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