Save More than Paper by Switching to Mobile Forms

By nick cafferky on November 25, 2013

How many times has one of these scenarios happened to you?

  1. Your employee in the field turns in a report and the handwriting is sloppy and unreadable —it even has a field or two left blank. Instead of doing your planned work, you have to find the worker, figure out what he was trying to say, and ask him what he left off.
  2. While going through your company’s finances, you realize that the numbers don’t add up. You look through all of your work orders again and realize that one is missing. You have no idea how it got lost or what job it was. It could have been a $50 job or a $5,000 job; you can’t be sure. Regardless, you are out of luck, and more importantly, without the money that should have been profit.

     paperwork, stress, nightmare

  3. While rifling through mountains of paperwork, you suffer a paper cut so severe that it requires stitches. Worse, you have to take a day off work.

OK, the third one is farfetched, but the first two are very real and something we hear about on a daily basis. Both create significant issues. Worse, they can drastically affect your bottom line.

In the first scenario, not only do you have a giant hassle to deal with, you are wasting man-hours that add up quickly and can end up costing you many pretty pennies. In the second scenario, you aren’t able to bill or get paid for a job that you already completed.

Mobile forms can save you from these scenarios and improve your data. By going mobile, you eliminate messy handwriting and the time lapse of getting forms. The time lapse goes from hours or days to seconds with instant access in the cloud.  

Even better, you will never have to chase down workers to find missing information. By making fields required, your workers can’t submit forms without filling those fields out. Never worry about lost forms, as everything is sent to our cloud is accessible from any computer at any time.

Calm worker without paperwork!

Life without paperwork means for a calmer work place.

Keeping all your forms and making them accurate won’t just save you from headaches, but also a lot of money. Don’t believe me? See how HAFSCO saved $10,000 a month by going to mobile forms!