Save Hundreds of Hours with a Mobile Mold Inspection Form

By katie simpson on June 24, 2014

The longer you wait, the longer it will take. Photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc 

Whether you work with restoration or day to day property management you know this about mold: the faster you find it, the easier it is for you to remove. But there’s a process many are using that slows down your work—paper forms.

Discover why businesses around the world are switching to mobile mold inspections and how you could benefit too. 

Real Time Access to Information

Paper mold inspections can take hours or days to return to your office. With employees everywhere but the office, it takes time for forms to return to the office. While you wait, you can’t access this information nor can you move forward. This lag makes it harder to respond, and allows the mold to grow further.

There’s something worse than this time lag. Some inspections don’t come back at all. PWC found that 11% of documents are misfiled or lost. When a form gets lost, you lose all the time and effort spent on inspections! Worse, you could miss an important chance to keep a property clean and safe.

Don’t wait hours or days to respond to mold growth. Mobile inspections allow you to access this information in real time. When the inspection is finished, the information becomes accessible immediately in the cloud. Within seconds of a report, you can reach out to a customer and schedule a follow up, or send a crew to fix the problem in the same day.

With all your inspections available in the cloud, you’ll have a fuller understanding of the condition of your properties. Real time information provides various other benefits including faster sales cycles, and lower admin costs.

More Accurate Insight

How often has this happened? You’ve bolded, underlined, even sat down with your employees about the information they need to bring back on these inspections. But the next time you see a mold inspection, it’s missing half the fields you need!

Or maybe this happens: you ask them to write certain types of responses. Instead of writing pass or fail, they’ll write ‘looks good’ or ‘might need work’. Sometimes, it’s easy to understand what they meant, but that ambiguity can make your life harder when it’s time to enter the information in your database.

Not only are both of these frustrating situations, they also hurt your business. You might have to send another employee out to recheck the property, or chase down the original inspector about a property they looked at days or weeks ago. Either way, you’re wasting time and energy.

With a mobile mold inspection form, you can make all the fields you need required. An employee can try skipping those fields, but they won’t be able to submit the form until all the required fields are filled out. Each and every time, you’ll get all the information you need.

Worried about appropriate responses? You can also create a drop down of choices. Instead of writing in the response, they choose from a range you’ve already set.

No more double checking your properties. No more hoping an employee can remember an old inspection. You receive the information you want and how you want it, every time.

Sounds Great, But I Can’t Afford That!

Paper seems cheap upfront, but it’s costing you hundreds of hours a year in extra work, data entry, even in time trying to find a form! On top of the hours (and labor cost) spent on these paper forms, storing them is expensive as well. Maintaining a file cabinet could cost you more than $2,000 a year. If you print your own custom forms, there’s also the cost of your printer and ink.

With GoCanvas, we try to create a mobile app that’s both easy to use and affordable. You can have a custom mobile mold inspection for as little as $20 a month. Mobile apps streamline processes, allowing your employees to do more than ever before. With better information and reduced administrative work, we’re sure you’ll see the benefits of switching from the beginning. 

Do I Have to Buy Expensive Equipment?

At GoCanvas we’re about helping you do business the way you want to. Our app is available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. So you can use GoCanvas with most devices you already own.  Let your employees use their own smartphones or tablets: They’ll use what they want, and your business has reduced upfront costs.

Still not sure? Try GoCanvas for free. For 30 days, see if GoCanvas makes your work easier. We don’t take any payment information for the trial, so you’ll never be charged if you decide we’re not right for you.

Companies around the world are finding inspections are faster and easier when they go mobile. Less work, more information, and more time to get critical tasks done every day. Isn’t it time you received information in real time? Try GoCanvas for free and see if mobile apps are right for your business.