Mobile Apps Are In Your Hands

By mike squires on March 21, 2013

Do any of you remember reading about the first Personal Computers and how they were underutilised? Some people critiqued these new machines as an expensive way to balance your cheque book. Ok, time moved on as did processing power and applications and now most people have a computer which not only meets their needs but can go beyond what the average user needs.

Jump ahead to that mobile device which you may just be holding in your hand right now.  Are you getting the most out of it? Maybe more importantly, is your company about to spend all that money I mentioned at the start of this Blog?

Here in Australia, where we have almost as many mobile devices as kangaroos, people are starting to take matters into their own hands.  Since we began operations in Australia in December 2012, GoCanvas has been deluged with interest in our Mobile Apps and creative examples of how a GoCanvas App brings efficiency, cost savings and more sales to our Subscribers Subscribers.

From  the frenzied action of the recent Australian Grand Prix, to campaigning in this year’s Federal Election, GoCanvas Apps are helping everyone get more from their everyday mobile device. So, before you spend the big dollars to increase sales, why not look in your hand?