Safety-Link Partners with GoCanvas to Share Safety Inspection Apps with GoCanvas Users

By Michael Benedict on September 22, 2011

Safety Mobile Apps Safety Link and Canvas

Safety-Link’s founder Martin Denny is passionate about workplace safety.  For the last 14 years he has helped small and medium sized companies comply with safety regulations.  These firms want to protect their workers and comply with regulations, but cannot afford a full-time safety expert.

Martin has taken his considerable expertise and experience and developed a number of safety inspection apps, including Mobile Safety Apps with CanvasWorkstation User Assessments, Driver Assessments (pre and post audits), Audit – Health and Safety Risk Assessments, even Forklift Safety Inspections, and many, many more. These apps are perfect for safety inspectors as they’ve been designed to cover very specific as well as general aspects of workplace safety.

With his recent partnership with GoCanvas, Martin has generously agreed to share his Safety Apps with the GoCanvas community of users.  For those of you who perform safety inspections, effective immediately, you can download these Apps onto your smartphone or tablet.  

Click here to see all of Martin’s Safety Apps.  

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