Running Shoes Not Needed For This Gym to Move Fast and Automate With GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS

By scott shea on July 11, 2012

Mobile Apps for your Gym by Canvass

Gym Systems has recently replaced their paper forms for GoCanvas customized mobile apps.  The company serves the New York Tri-state area and provides a one stop shop for fitness systems.  All your fitness needs can be met by Gym Systems.  Everything from buying fitness products, installation requests, and customer support are offered.  Gym Systems will help you choose the right product and technology that works best for you!  All products supported by Gym Systems are put through a diligent review process to make sure the product is acceptable.

Once everything is picked out and an installation time and date are set, Gym Systems will be at your door with the desired fitness products.   Prior to GoCanvas, this process would involve the usual pen and paper forms to be filled out by the remote workers performing the installation.  Being the cutting edge company Gym Systems is, there had to be a better option out there.  After a quick search they came across GoCanvas.  The company soon realized all this information could be captured on an iPad, stored on the GoCanvas cloud and seen immediately back at the office.  This streamlined their business and cut down their consumption of paper.   It can be harrowing for a small business to implement something this new and outside their comfort zone – but with GoCanvas it was easy and in the end the solution delivered amazing change.

Gym Systems was easily able to create an app with the GoCanvas App Builder.  With the help of a GoCanvas Mobile Apps Consultant, the app was built in no time.  The app covers all the facility information including the name, address and phone number.  They were also able to use a “List Screen” for the parts they would use on the job and the quantity of each part.  The app also gathers all the information for the tech assigned to the job.  The tech will record their name, time and capture a photo of the work that was done.  Finally, GoCanvas is able to capture the signature of the facility representative.  The work is clean and fast with everything happening in real time!

If you are in the tri-state area give Gym Systems a look at or visit their sister company, Home Systems.  You can also call them at 212.219.4554

GoCanvas has thousands of pre-built apps that are free to download. Check out our application store and search through our customizable Health and Fitness mobile form templates to find something to start with.  If your a Gym or Fitness center looking for a similiar change, you can keep your running shoes at home and give GoCanvas a call.